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My name Is Lorenda Barber, I am a ST3 in the OR at SBCH, where I've worked for the past 8 years. I had been morbidly obese for the last 2 decades. I had reached a ghastly 297lbs, with high blood pressure and bordering diabetes. I had made many attempts at loosing the weight. I had tried every program out there. I even tried some unconventional methods.. Only to achieve short lived success.I met Dr. Farida Bounoua during her residency at SBCH, she would later become the surgeon who would help change my life forever.   READ MORE
Mrs. Lorenda Barber,

Esto  es un Milagro!!!
Antes era una persona triste, sola, amargada, posiblemente por no poder sentirme bien conmigo misma. Tomaba mucha medicina para todas mis enfermedades. Pero ahora despues de un año me siento otra persona mas joven,mas contenta con energias de vivir y de sonreirce a la vida. Ya no tomo ningun medicamento except mis vitaminas. Gracias si se puede con un poco de ayuda y voluntad propia.Marixza R.

After having the surgery, I now am able to do things that I couldn't do before because of my weight, even simple things like being able to get up from the floor, stooping over, I feel like getting out and going places, not staying home all the time alone. I can go out to a store and buy clothes instead of ordering them online. I have so much energy and I am much happier. I am just sorry that I didn't do this much sooner. I wasted so many years of my life being fat and unhappy and I can DANCE! Thank you Dr. Bounoua also her staff are awesome, they helped encourage me all the way! Thanks girls, Melody and Cynthia.  Debbie M.

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